Pressed for Time Prince Edward County Laundry Services for Short Term Rentals

Door-to-door laundry services

For Prince Edward County’s short term rentals.

Managing a short term rental property is a busy job. You’re juggling your booking schedule, property cleaning and maintenance, AND keeping up with your own household chores. We know you’re pressed for time – and we want to help free up a few hours for yourself. Let us take care of the laundry so you can relax.

Pressed for Time provides laundry services to AirBnBs, vacation rentals and short term rentals in Prince Edward County. We clean your linens, towels, curtains and anything else that might need a good wash, so you can give your guests a safe, clean experience.

Here’s what we can do for you.

Linens & Towels

Laundry is a never ending task. Linens and towels make up the bulk of it for Short Term Accommodation rentals. We’ll wash and fold all your linens so you can focus on checking things off your to-do list.

Our basic laundry package includes:

  • Wash
  • Fold
  • Pick up & Delivery

Ask us about our wash, fold and pressed options!

Duvets & Covers

These warm, comforting items are often overlooked on laundry day. Due to their size and weight, not all standard washing machines can get them truly clean. Our partnership with Classic Cleaner’s in Campbellford means we can offer you quality dry cleaning services that will get your duvets and covers crisply cleaned whenever you need. Be that once a season, or unexpectedly due to a mishap!

Rugs & Floor coverings

Floor coverings add character and life to your home. They also catch all the dust, dirt and particles that float through your rental. Give them a good clean once or twice a year, so your guests can truly enjoy the stylish aesthetic you’ve cultivated in your space.

2023 Summer Rates image

Click the image to download our rate sheet.

Here’s how it works.

Twice a week, we’ll stop by to drop off your cleaned, folded laundry and pick up your dirty stuff. We bring your laundry to Classic Cleaners in Campbellford, where it is then washed, dried, folded and pressed (if requested) during the week. Then, the following week, we’ll repeat the process!

Pricing & Payment

We offer several pricing options:

  • Monthly or weekly payment options (linens and towels)
  • Individual one-time services (for “emergency” dry cleaning)
  • Annual cleaning (once or twice a year) for curtains, blinds, duvets and covers

Tell us what you need. Complete the quote request form (click the “Request a Quote” button) and we’ll work with you to ensure all your laundry is taken care of.

At the moment, we can only accept payment through e-transfer.

Contact us today!

This is our story.

Family owned and operated laundry services business bringing everyone together.

Pressed for Time started in spring 2021 when Wilhelmina Hoekstra realized that the local short term rentals were missing one key laundry service: easy, affordable local dry cleaning. She grew up watching her father, Elzo Eisinga Sr., handle all the Campbellford area’s dry cleaning, keeping locals happy and snuggled up tight in fresh, clean duvets. Or strutting around in freshly pressed suits.

Elzo Sr.’s company, Classic Cleaners, is now owned and operated by her brother, Elzo Eisinga Jr., and the two of them partnered in true family-business style to provide Prince Edward County locals AND guests that same snuggly experience!

A County local since 1982, Wilhelmina truly loves the area. And she wants visitors, guests and tourists to fall in love with the character, beauty and life in the County. She has seen the County grow and flourish into a dynamic tourist area with many local entrepreneurs creating a vibrant community that has so much to offer. She is proud to be able to support these businesses with her services.

The recent pandemic has created a challenging environment for many short term vacation rental owners. Wilhelmina wants to help you ensure that your spaces are clean and safe for guests. Coming from a healthcare background, she understands the importance of following the Public Health Units guidelines to ensure a safe environment and community for residents and tourists alike. When you work with Pressed for Time, you can feel confident that your rental is safe for all who visit.

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